Photo Credit: Alli Young

Photo Credit: Alli Young


Hello! If you've had a chance to take a look at my WORK portion of this website you'll see that I don't really focus my projects in any one particular medium.  Lately, I've been trying something new - video.  Shooting good quality, professional video, always seemed to be impossible for someone not in "the biz".  But now as we know, with a decent DSLR, or even an iPhone, anybody can shoot pretty high quality footage.  Man, having a good tool can be the most empowering thing in the world!  

I was really attracted to this idea of making videos because, I see the role of a director sharing a lot of similarities with an architect.  Both of these people have above all else a pretty ambitious vision.  They usually cannot work alone to achieve their vision and have to coordinate with many people.  They also have to know as much about the technical issues as the aesthetic.  This blog will document the projects /sketches /tips I've learned from all the people around me and of course, Youtube.  

I started this process by simply walking around New York City and documenting the things around me. I figured the only way to share my footage with other people was to upload it to a platform like Vimeo or Youtube.  However, I realized that I wasn't really at a point where I was ready to announce to the world "Here is my feature presentation!"  A lot of the clips I'm making are actually sketches showing process or an idea that could later inform a more finished work.  These need more explanation and need to be presented less formally.  Creating a blog seemed like a good way for me to share my explorations and convey my thinking process.  Maybe in the end I'll have a nice, polished film... but for now, I'm just making videos.